Travel Writing

A longtime, award-winning travel writer, Katy has written travel books, travel articles, and a travel app. While her specialty is the Great Smoky Mountains (near her home in Knoxville, Tennessee), she also writes stories on other domestic and foreign destinations as well as articles about family travel, adventure travel, spiritual travel, travel health, and consumer-related travel topics. She’s written about driving cantankerous rental cars in Portugal, sleeping in castles in Germany, braving the baths at Esalen in Big Sur, scuba diving in Australia, taking waltzing lessons in Vienna, chasing a dream up a mountain in Jordan, marrying in Greece, and fending off a curious tapir in the Amazon. She’s stood atop the carvings on Mount Rushmore, skied in New Zealand, narrowly escaped a mugging in Tanzania, crawled through lava tubes in Iceland, biked all the way around Bora Bora, meditated at Machu Picchu, tossed throws from a Krewe of Boo float in New Orleans, and joined in kava ceremonies in Fiji. Here’s a sampling of Katy’s travel writing:
Family Fun in the Smokies

Family Fun in the Smokies

(Great Smoky Mountains Association, 2012)
Saying YES! Jul-Aug 2014 Unity Magazine

“Saying YES!”

Unity Magazine July/August 2014 (2015 Folio: Magazine Eddie Award finalist)
College Break Travel

College Break Travel, October 4, 2016

Smoky Mountain Treasures

“Smoky Mountain Treasures”

Cityview July/August 2015
Smoky Mountain Travel Guide app

Smoky Mountain Travel Guide app

(Sutro Media, 2012)
Marrying Overseas — ‘I Do’ in Greece

“Marrying Overseas — ‘I Do’ in Greece”

The New York Times April 23, 1989

"Where to Find the Rare White Rainbow"

BBC Travel, January 13, 2017

Student Travel Discount Cards

Student Travel Discount Cards, May 6, 2016

Watch Fireflies Flash in Synch

“Watch Fireflies Flash in Sync”

MapQuest, June 4, 2014

Small and Offbeat Museums in the Smokies

"Small and Offbeat Museums in the Smokies"

Cityview November/December 2015
The Insiders’ Guide to The Great Smoky Mountains

The Insiders’ Guide to The Great Smoky Mountains

(Globe-Pequot Press, 2007 & 2009)
Parade--scenic drives

“Take an All-American Adventure”

Parade magazine, May 1, 2016

6 Smart Ways to Save on College Tours

“6 Smart Ways to Save on College Tours”, February 1, 2016
Watch Wild Ponies Swim

“Watch Wild Ponies Swim”

MapQuest, July 16, 2014

Ripley’s Rules the Smokies

"Ripley’s Rules the Smokies"

Cityview January/February 2016
Travelers' Tales Greece

Travelers' Tales Greece

“The Wedding That Almost Wasn’t” (Travelers’ Tales, 2000)
Synchronous Fireflies

"A Surreal Synchronized Wave of Light"

BBC Travel, January 13, 2017

Smoky Mountain Majesty

“Smoky Mountain Majesty”

AAA World, March/April 2015

Dressed-Up Digs: Smokies Style

“Dressed-Up Digs: Smokies Style”

Cityview September/October 2015